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Publicize your issues platform

Most people are aware of the power of social networks to reach new audiences, stimulate debate and re-energise the public around political issues.

Social networks provide sharing buttons that can be embedded across the web.

When people click on these buttons, they are publicly recommending your site. Your content will appear in newsfeeds and be seen by many more people. And when you search Google, the results you see can be influenced by +1s made by people you know.

Shaping perceptions on social networks

But what if we want control of how our content is displayed on social networks?

The Open Graph standard allows us to provide details about the information on your website to appear on social networks.

It is supported by many social platforms, including Google+ and Facebook.

You can control what images appear in people's newsfeeds, the snippet of text that appears in the share box, and ultimately the content and tone of any of your content that goes viral on the social networks

Listen to the lesson below to get a sense of how we use HTML and JavaScript to harness the awesome power of social networks.

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